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Wedding Bells for a Cancer Survivor

Wedding Bells for a Cancer Survivor

Written by  Facing Cancer Together
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Bethany Mongello, a brain cancer survivor, shares the story of how doctors first discovered that she had a brain tumor, and how love has kept her strong through it all.  Scroll down to view her inspiring story.

When Bethany was eighteen, she hit her head in a car accident.  After receiving an MRI, doctors discovered a tumor.  A biopsy was too risky at the time and the doctors weren't worried that it was anything to be concerned about.  When she saw bright light flashes at her computer one day, and had severe headaches, she knew something was very wrong.  The tumor had grown and was pushing on her brain. 

Bethany has received many of her treatments for her aggressive brain cancer at Lancaster General Health over the past four years.  She underwent radiation for six weeks for five days a week, and chemotherapy for six months.  Because of the cancer's aggressive nature, she has to be closely monitored for any changes. 

Despite cancer, her fiance stands by her side in sickness and in health and they are excited about getting married in October and spending their lives together.


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#4 FacingCancer 2011-08-24 11:54
Stacey, what a touching offer! Just beautiful! We will make sure Bethany receivces this comment! Thanks so much!
#3 Stacey Wilson 2011-08-15 11:20
Hi Bethany,
I am a Good Wishes Ambassador for the Good Wishes Program, a 501(c)(3)in Northbend, WA. I live locally in Lancaster, but am actively involved with this. This program provides a free headwraps to women/children who are experiencing treatment or illness or injury:

I am writing to offer my hand lettering servies to you for your wedding! Your post touched me so much. Here is my blog:

Be in touch - and good luck with everything!
Good Wishes,
#2 FacingCancer 2011-08-10 17:29
Hi Liz! I just checked out your website and think it's such an amazing gift you're offering to cancer patients. Such hope! Thanks for sharing your site and for reaching out to Bethany!
#1 Liz GUthrie 2011-08-04 14:04
Hi Bethany. Your story is really inspiring. I cannot imagine the trials you and your fiance have been through. I started a nonprofit organization in 2010 called Wish Upon a Wedding. We provide weddings free of charge to couples like you. Although I am not sure if you already have secured wedding vendors yet, you may qualify for a wish. (We can only grant the complete wish though- not partial- so I am not 100% sure of the details of what you have done so far with regard to wedding plans). To find out if you qualify plz visit our site at Best wishes to you! Liz Guthrie

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