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A brain cancer survivor stays positive by sharing his experiences in a blog

A brain cancer survivor stays positive by sharing his experiences in a blog

Written by  Facing Cancer Together
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Garnet Stevens has given a voice to his cancer experience in his blog "Thinking Clearly."  He talks about why blogging has given him strength in the video below.    

garnet stevens brain cancer survivorGarnet says that blogging has helped him during his journey with brain cancer, not only to help keep family and friends informed on how he's doing, but to help himself stay positive.  When he first started writing his blog, he had around 12 followers who were family and friends.  And now, his blog has gained attention from over 100,000 people in just six months.  His words and sense of humor inspire others to find the positives in their own life, and to keep going... and to, as Garnet says at the end of each blog post, "keep the faith." 

He says, "This is a brutal disease.  It may make you want to give up, but don't.  Find that person in your life that will keep you positive, find the thing you like to do the most if that keeps you positive, and always continue trying to find that positive."

Garnet shares more about his story and what inspires him to write in this audio interview with witf's Craig Layne. 

And read Garnet's blog titled "Wasn't C supposed to stand for cookie?," part of the Facing Cancer Together Personal Journal.

What keeps you strong through cancer treatment?  And, what positives do you find in your life?  Please add your voice and leave a comment below.



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#1 Farahbod 2013-07-11 15:34
hi, hope you are fine.
I just watched your video about being positive and living with brain cancer, my father has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He finished chemotherapy together with temodal for 30 days. After that 6 cyclic treatment with temodal 5 tab per 28 days.
Would you please tell me what should he do next? After finishing all these 6 cycles ?
Thank you

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