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New lung cancer screening guidelines, new type of prostate cancer discovered, and other cancer news

New lung cancer screening guidelines, new type of prostate cancer discovered, and other cancer news

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Cancer News May 23, 2012

New lung cancer screening guidelines now recommend annual scans but only for an older group (aged 55 to 74) of current or former heavy smokers.  As the risks of screening younger or older smokers or nonsmokers outweigh any benefits.

oral-cancer-drugsNew studies show that people with sleep apnea have an increased cancer risk (sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes snoring and dangerous pauses in breathing while sleeping) .

Scientists at the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine have identified a new biomarker for pancreatic cancer, which helps researchers take another step forward in creating therapeutic treatments for the deadly disease.

The recent discovery of a new type of prostate cancer which affects 15 percent of patients with the disease, could help doctors tailor treatments in the future.In the study, researchers found novel mutations in the “S-Pop” gene which could cause a build-up of proteins that drive tumor growth. The researchers said the findings could be a ‘breakthrough’ for oncologists.

Researchers are reporting that bald men who underwent biopsies of the prostate were more likely to have cancer than were those with more hair on their heads.

Unlike conventional IV chemotherapy, which often kills both cancer and healthy cells alike, many of the new oral oncology drugs block cancer cell growth and leave healthy ones alone.  The pills also are a convenient option for patients who live far from a treatment facility.

There has been a theoretical concern that folic-acid fortification has led to an increase in children's cancers.  But, new studies show that rates of two rare childhood cancers declined after grain products were required to be fortified with the B vitamin folic acid.  The study does not prove that folic acid deserves the credit to the decline.


It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May, and a recent report out shows  some sobering news for young adults: The incidence of melanoma increased eightfold among young women and fourfold among young men from 1970 through 2009.

Researchers from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School discovered that people who ate fish as part of their regular diets have a 12 percent lower chance of developing colorectal cancer, than people who don't eat much fish at all.

A sigmoidoscopy screening for colon cancer which uses a flexible tube, is less invasive and more convenient than a colonoscopy.  New studies show that this screening method may also help prevent new cases and deaths from the disease.

"Can Laxative-Free Colonoscopy Improve Colon Cancer Screening Rates?"  New software can digitally "cleanse" a colon, eliminating the muss and fuss of a standard colonoscopy. Ready to book your appointment?

Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees died after losing his long battle with cancer.

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