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Hope for any stage of the cancer journey

Hope for any stage of the cancer journey

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Anne Alaniz, DO, is a Gynecologic Oncology Fellow at WellSpan Health. She admits that at the beginning of her rotation, that she was worried that this would be very depressing. But, when she met mothers and daughters who faced cancer, she could then put a face to the disease, and saw that there was a lot more to it than she thought.

She learns from the strength and character of these women and finds that her job is rewarding, not depressing as she once thought it would be. She can see a patient's eyes light up when she says, "There's something we can do for you." She is hopeful that she can help these women realize that cancer is not a death sentence, and that they can live a long and healthy life after cancer. And, she says it's rewarding to help people realize that there's hope for any stage of the cancer journey.

Dr. Alaniz, originally from Malawi, came to the US for education with the help of some doctors.  Although she hs been in the US for several years reating women in PA, she hasn't forgotten Malawi and plans to use the skills she's gained to change lives there.  She is following in the footsteps of her father, who practices medicine in Malawi.  And together, she and her father are working hard to build a medical  facility there that will specialize in caring for women and children.  Learn more about her inspirational story in this video.

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